Make every marketing moment smarter

Increase customer lifetime value with data-first digital marketing.

  • Customer data platform
  • Smart segmentation
  • Marketing automation
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    1 %

    Audience reach increased

  • SpeedShop
    1 %

    Conversion rate increased

  • SpeedShop
    1 %

    Retention rate increased

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    1 %

    Acquisition costs reduced

“ When you power marketing with SpeedShop MarTech you can adapt quickly, get to know your customer, humanize every moment, and optimize your impact from anywhere. ”


A leading luxury brand, CMO

Meet SpeedShop MarTech

Understand and delight your customers

  • Omnichannel data collection

    Break data silos and consolidate your customer data from every touchpoint – online and offline.

  • Single view of the customer

    Build a single source of truth and match data from various sources to a single identified person.

  • Smart segmentation

    Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. Build audiences and create real-time campaigns.

  • Personalized experience

    Personalize every interaction in each phase of a customer journey and consistently optimize it driven by data.

Empower your every team with good data.

  • SpeedShop
    Marketing teams

    Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. 

  • SpeedShop
    Sales teams

    Recommend best-fit products, cross-sell, and upsell to increase customer lifetime value.

  • SpeedShop
    Service teams

    Provide proactive service to increase customer retention and loyalty.

  • SpeedShop
    Data insight teams

    A unified platform to collect, standardize, compliant, integrate and analyze data.

“SpeedShop MarTech helps us improve the way we register and onboard membership. we got a 38% increase in members registrations with automation . ”


Digital marketing director

Automatize your marketing workflow

Automations that are always on—EVEN WHEN YOU’RE OFF.

  • Increase the customer lifetime value

    Nurture leads with meaningful messages at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Personalize every interaction

    Send a consistent message across all channels — email, Facebook & Google ads, and in-product.

  • Continual optimization and growth fast

    Monitor the effectiveness of activities in real-time and set up goals to track key performance indicators.


Limitless connectivity, NOT rebuild a new one.

SpeedShop makes your business easy and profitable.